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                    Veazey Lumber Company

W. D. Veazey was an aspiring lumberman who 1906 acquired the timber rights on the Hubbard Brook drainage in the Pemigewasset River valley. An old sawmill site was purchased on Hubbard Brook, about a mile from the mouth of the brook, and before long a large sawmill was operating, producing primarily spruce lumber. All of the logs harvested in the Hubbard Brook basin were delivered to the sawmill by horse-drawn sleds.

           Veazey Sawmill and railroad
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At the time that the mill was built in 1906, a short railroad spur was built from the mill to the Boston & Maine RR Pemi Branch. The short rail line, less than a mile in length, was not what one would normally consider a logging railroad but loaded log cars were brought in to the mill from various locations along the Boston & Maine Pemi Branch.


The Veazey company was operating its own locomotive , both in the mill yard and on the short trips over the Boston & Maine tracks to bring in the log cars loaded along the tracks of the Pemi Branch. The locomotive was a 50-ton Shay, leased from the Woodstock Lumber Company for about four years.

      West Thornton Village with Veazey Mill
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The sawmill was dismantled in 1920, the same year that the Publisher’s Paper Company sold the Hubbard Brook property to the U. S. Government.

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Bill Gove's Composite Logging Railroad Map

Suggested Reading:  Hubbard Brook Revisited, Land Use History of the Hubbard Brook Valley, New Hampshire  by Charles Cogbill, June 1989

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