Telling the story of 200 years  of White Mountain History


On Mirror Lake Road, on the Thornton-Woodstock line, was a small logging settlement operated by W.D. Veazey.  In 1906, William Veazey purchased the small Moulton sawmill in Thornton, on Hubbard Brook.  He contracted with Publisher’s Paper Company to cut on their lands and built a larger mill, a boarding house, a company store, several homes for his workers and a schoolhouse.  By 1920, Veazey had completed his work in Thornton.  Publisher’s Paper Co. sold the cut-over land to the Forest Service, and Veazey moved the machinery in his mill to Laconia and the village was abandoned.  Little remains; the schoolhouse has been remodeled into a private home, and it’s possible that one other home on Mirror Lake Road was a Veazey building.

          Veazey Company Store, photo courtesy Jim Fadden
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