Telling the story of 200 years  of White Mountain History

                          Cook Memorial Library

          The Cook Library collections include 
     manuscripts, diaries, photographs and maps
      pertaining to Tamworth and Chocorua, as
   well as records of the Chocorua Mountain Club.

    One of the outstanding records of Tamworth 
     history are the fifteen volumes known as the
    Damon Scrapbooks.  They contain over 1,000
        photographs and letters pertaining to
              people and events in the region.

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Click here for photos relating to Chinook
Diary of a Tamworth Boy 

For excerpts from the Diary
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Damon Tamworth Scrapbooks 

25 Pages of Volume 1 
South Tamworth Industries   
Read the Report prepared by the New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources
Chocorua Mountain Club   
Photographs of Tamworth   
Click here for photos of Tamworth and Chocorua
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