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Outlook was a glossy magazine published quarterly from 1974 to 1998 for the White Mountain Region Association.  The magazine was planned and designed by Homer May, President of Region Publications, Haverhill, NH.  Each issue contained well-written articles about New Hampshire’s White Mountains.  Articles about the region’s businesses and industries were written by authors involved in the company or industry; articles about local history were written by town historians; and other articles were written by people with first hand knowledge of what they were writing about.  The magazine was supported by it’s advertisers-there were no paid subscriptions.  It was distributed, at no cost, to 5,000 North Country business leaders, government officials, and school teachers.


With the permission and cooperation of Homer May, who still lives in Haverhill, we are able to share his work and the magazine’s articles, with visitors to this website. 

   He has a website devoted to Haverhill and Northern  
,  http://www.nhnorth.us/
  Be sure to visit it.


  You can read the full text of each article by clicking  
                     below on the title:


The Rise and Fall of the Farmer
by Howard Townsend


Early White Mountain Scientists, Artists & Writers  
by C. Francis Belcher


In Search of the Big Boulder (Flume) 
by Douglas Philbrook


History of Franconia 
by Sarah Nelson Welch

             view additional photos of Franconia
        for information on the Iron Works, click here

A History of Gorham 
by Greg Prentiss


The Grand Hotels, The Glory and the Conflagration by Randall Spaulding

              for additional information and photos  


Turnpikes, Stage Coaches and the White Mountain Express: Transportation in the White Mountains  
by R. Stuart Wallace

         for additional information and photos 


History of Whitefield 
by Lillian Burns

Fred Brown’s History of Woodstock 
by Fred Brown


History of Woodstock 
by Eleanor C. Parker

Additional articles are on  http://www.nhnorth.us





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