Telling the story of 200 years  of White Mountain History
                     25 Early White Mountain Maps
Maps tell the story of land use, settlement expansion, road development, and in the case of the White Mountains, they also document the history of the hiking trails and bridle paths throughout the region.

These pages contain several scarce, early maps of the White Mountains.  In addition, there are several  AMC maps that show eary hiking trails and Hut locations.

       Text and Map Descriptions by Adam Jared Apt

Click on the map title below each thumbnail; that will take you to a page with a larger image of the map and a description, as well as information on the ownership of the map.  On that page, is a link that will take you to a PDF file that will allow viewers to zoom in on details, as you wish. 

  To learn more about White  Mountain Cartography, and review a Suggested Reading list,   click here 

  1791 Map from Belknap's    History of New Hampshire 

   Detail from 1816 Carrigain
     Map of New Hampshire 


    1852 Map of the White
      Mountains by Leavitt
    To see all of Leavitt's 
, click here

 1854 Railroad Map by Dodge 


   1871 Map of the White
     Mountains by Leavitt

    1881 Map of the White
     Mountains by Walling 

         1887 AMC Map

     1902 National Map of  
     White Mountains and  
    Central New Hampshire

            1904 Map of 
         Waterville   Valley

     1907 AMC Map of the 
         Southern Peaks

        1903  Map of the 
       Bretton Woods Area

       1916 AMC Map of the  
     Mt. Washington Range 
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    the thumbnail for more 

   1784 Manuscript Map by 
          Jeremy Belknap

      1794 Lewis Map of
       New Hampshire


       1833 Map of Stage
         Routes by Goodno

    1853 Map of The White
        Mountains by Bond


     1858 Map of the White
     Mountains by Boardman

    1876 AMC Skectch Map

      1882 Pickering Map

    1899   Map  Woodstock 
     and Franconia area by

     1904 Automobile Gala 

      1906 Birdseye View 
        of  the Summit of
         Mt. Washington

     1907 AMC Map of the
         Northern Peaks 

      1910 AMC Map of the  
      Great Gulf by Cutter 

   1926 Washburn Map
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