Telling the story of 200 years  of White Mountain History

                               Lisbon Area HS 
                        Lisbon, Lyman and Landaff
 Some of our collections, which include the three 
                         towns, are listed below.

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     Homes, Barns, Mills,
Etc. In  Lisbon, Lyman, 
                 Landaff  and Sugar Hill.    Volume I

Volume II includes Lyman, Bath, West Bath, etc.

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   Family Records

    The Bishops
  were one of the
  earliest settlers
     in Lisbon

     Josiah Bishop militia appointment, 1785.  
Photo album of Bishop Family

      and Hotels
               S.D. Morgan & Son
                Photos of Businesses
       Fires and
              Nov. 3, 1901 Fire
             Photos of Fire and Floods
     There were
  many gold, silver, 
  lead and copper
  mines in the area

          Entrance to Bailey Mine
          Photos of Mines
      The Parker    
  Young Company
   was one of the
  major lumbering
 companies in the
 White Mountains.

   They were in
    business for
  nearly 100 years
    Parker Young Company in Lisbon
                       prior to1904
        Photos of Parker Young Company
 Town Views  
              Main Street c.1897
             Photos of the Town
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