Telling the story of 200 years  of White Mountain History
                       How You Can Help

As you look through this site, you'll see that we're including information on places, people and events that are part of White Mountain History.  Undoubtedly, there are photographs we've never seen, and original documents such as letters, diaries, journals and ledgers,  that have been hidden away for generations.

We're strongly committed to increasing the base of knowledge about this region of New Hampshire and sharing it with people and institutions that care. 
If you have information, photographs or documents that you think might be of interest, please let us know.

We are not asking that you donate material to us.  We are asking that you make us aware of what you have and consider allowing us to scan or copy your items.

If you have original material that you would like to donate. let us know and we will suggest appropriate repositories, depending upon the subject matter and the policies on sharing that each institution has.  We're likely to suggest the least restrictive, appropriate repository

Email us

And of course, donations are always appreciated

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