Telling the story of 200 years  of White Mountain History
      You can make a tax-deductible donation   
          to  WhiteMountainHistory.org,
                      a 501c3  corporation, 
        by  clicking the  Donate button below
                         or mailing a check.

     You can also donate items from your  
 collections that will be publicly auctioned with 
        proceeds used as described below.

Your donation will be processed for us by Paypal but you do not need a PayPal account.  You can use any credit card.

                    Your donation will be used to:   
          Continue our project of Identifying, and  
                     Recording  Historical Sites.

          Offset the costs of scanning and printing.

     Prepare Interpretative Plans that will conform
      with State and Federal Guidelines so that we
                can  seek grants  for this work.

           Prepare maps, brochures and other aids for
                              visitors to our region.

        None of our volunteers receive any payment
                                for their work.

                   The PayPal site is safe and secure.

      If you'd prefer to mail a check, our address is:
                            21 Beach Plain Road
                            Danville, NH 03819

     If you're interested in donating items to be 
  auctioned, please contact us for more information.
               Email WhiteMountainHistory.org

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