Telling the story of 200 years  of White Mountain History
                     1902 National Publishing Co

   Topographic Map of the White Mountains and 
                  Central New Hampshire

: National Publishing Company, 1902. 
                 Scale 1 inch = 2 miles. 91.6 x 95.6 cm.

                              Author's Collection

This fine map was reissued in 1903 after a corporate acquisition as Scarborough’s Topographic Map of the White Mountains and Central New Hampshire. It was issued in both hard and soft cardboard covers. As late as 1916, the second edition of the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Guide to Paths in the White Mountains and Adjacent Regions says of this map, by then out of print, “Though not up to date, it is still the best map of the entire White Mountain region.” It contains a wealth of information, including hiking trails (for examples, the Twinway and the route up Mount Moriah, over the Carter range, to the AMC’s camp in Carter Notch ), as well as routes of logging railroads.

Click here for a larger PDF version of this map that will allow you to zoom in for detail.
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