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                 1910 AMC Map of the Great Gulf

      Louis F. Cutter. Map of the Great Gulf. Boston:   
        Appalachian Mountain Club, 1910. Scale 1 mile = 3.25
                                     inches. 37.6 x 46.1 cm.


                                     Author's Collection

Most of the early AMC maps from the turn of the century, even those accompanying the published hiking guides, were issued in blueprint. This map, which, unlike most of the other AMC maps, was issued just once, commemorated the completion of a tremendous spate of trail-building in the Great Gulf, which is encompassed by Mount Washington, Mount Clay, Mount Jefferson, Mount Adams, and Mount Madison, and which in its innermost depths is a glacial cirque. Since this time, only one new trail has been added to this area, the Sphinx Trail, which was put up to Sphinx Col within four years of the making of this map.  To celebrate the completion of the trails in 1910, a large expedition of members of the AMC, as one of its annual “August Camps,” spent several days hiking through and camping in the region.


Other states and editions

This map was issued as a blue line print in addition to the blueprint version displayed here.

Click here for a larger PDF version of this map that will allow you zoom in for detail.

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