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                         1887 AMC Map

       Appalachian Mountain Club. Map of the White 
. Boston: Forbes and Co., 1887. 
             Scale 1/100000. 57.5 x 54.8 cm.

                                                                       Author's Collection 

This was the first pocket map separately issued by the AMC.  Starting in the late 18th century, cartographers developed several alternative methods of using hachures to convey relief.  This map, although issued ten years after the first contour maps of the White Mountains, eschews contour lines, and instead is the first to apply one of these systems of hachures to the White Mountains to create an impression of contours. It and the Pickering map of 1882 are the only ones to use the AMC’s novel system of mountain nomenclature, which soon after fell into desuetude. In addition to the complex system of hachures, this map uses esoteric icons, perhaps unique to this map, of circles and arcs on the summits of peaks to convey information about the terrain.


Other states and editions

The AMC issued this map at the scale of 1/150,000, also in 1887. This version was included in later editions of M. F. Sweetser, The White Mountains: A Handbook for Travellers.

Click here for a larger PDF version of the map that will allow you to zoom in for detail.

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